Alexandra Palace

The trophy for each Award is an LED miniature model of the iconic Strand Patt 23 profile sourced from Hugh Chinnick at Pacific Lighting. Hugh has this to say of his dream “My first experience of theatre lighting was back in the 60’s when I was acting in the school play. I clearly remember seeing the Strand Patt 23 rigged on wall brackets on either side of the school hall.

At the time I had no idea that this lantern would become such an important part of my working life as this lantern was one of the most common tools of our trade. For many years it has been my dream to produce a scale model of the Patt 23 one of the most iconic lanterns in British theatre lighting history.

In bringing my dream to reality I have been most fortunate to have the expertise and encouragement of two people without whom my dream would have remained just that. Mike Wood produced the first 3D printed model of the lantern and Scott Ingham, Susan Lo and their team at Ingham Design prepared all the detailed drawings for the production of the casting moulds, designing the driver and sourcing the optics and components to match the original as closely as possible.”

The box in which the Patt 23M is packed is a replica of the original with a British Rail Certificate of Compliance stamped on the top required for rail transport at that time! Many thanks to Hugh for setting aside some Patt 23M for our Awards.